Receiving Credit to Pay off Charge offs w/other creditor

Well, if things could not get any worse, like I said I get one thing done and I get pushed ten steps back, my sister’s friends were fighting and managed to throw a bottle which hit my car and shattered the windshield. More money out of my pocket.

I know who broke the windshield. What happened was the girl who did it threw a bottle at her boyfriend, he blocked the bottle and it hit my car and broke the windshield covering my car with beer. None of these people have jobs, I only have liability insurance so I guess now I have to pay more money out of my pocket to fix the windshield because I know they aren’t.

I have not confronted them about it because I know she does not have any money to even bother about trying to make her pay for it. I swear, if it isn’t one thing its another.