Next update

His pay showed up online a week early… that’s usual though. So i sat down this morning and figured out our finances for the month of July. I hate money being so tight right now but August will be such a happier month. Fine will be paid off, I’ll be able to go to Maine to visit my mom and sister and her hubby and my nephew 🙂 along with other family and friends. I’ll be up there for a week and the weather will be a nice change from this Texas heat….

Also news that we might be moving to ft carson, co after Iraq sometime. Not sure exactly but some more of the army’s realignment… move from KY to Texas and then probably to colorado LOL I’m like the musical army family in the musical chairs game LOLOL

well hope everyone is doing well..

we are not to Hood yet, it all depends on what the Army decides my dh will do. I understand about the heat– grew up in Arizona and spent the last four years in HEAT.