As if things could not get any worse

You won’t know what they can afford to pay for if you don’t ask for it. Get an estimate of the repair quickly and let them know the cost. Remember you don’t really know how much money anyone has unless you are that person’s personal banker. They may not be millionaires but they probably can come up with money to replace your window. my experience is ask. But, I’ve broken my window before (trying to get my keys out of the car). I’m not sure what part of the country you reside in, but where I live here in CA there are many junk yards, salvage yards and it only costs me $50 window and installation. Whereas if I would have went to a retail window installation would have charged me $120. Good luck…research your options

I’m sure these may be good friends to you, but if they can’t help you come up with the money to help you pay for the windsheild that they broke, are they really that great of a friend? They have the money to drink!….are you going to let them get you futher into debt, they didn’t respect your property.

I’m sorry to hear your friends are out of work, but where’d they get money for beer? If someone can afford beer, they can afford to buy you a new windshield. Get two estimates, and then go (be sure to park out of range) ask them to pool their money and pay for the windshield. In my state (Nebraska) it is against the law to have a windshild with cracks that interfere with the drivers vision. If they have to give up beer for a week to pay for their accident, it happens. If you don’t ask, they won’t pay.

I’d say, press charges if they’re unwilling to take care of the windshield. Everyone must deal with the consequences of their not-so-good actions and choices. Make them take responsibility for their behavior. For you, Shaunie, you should try and avoid similar situtations and people in the future. They’re not good for you.