I would do a refi and put the bad loans on the house

I would do a refi and put the bad loans on the house before doing bankruptcy. With bankruptcy I believe if you own a home they still make you pay back you loans in a certain number of years, less the finance/interest cost. If you refi, and borrow against the collateral in your house, all of it will be the same finance % as it is on the house.

The interest rates are really good right now and its possible your payments will be the same. THEN pay extra towards your house loan each month. I would personally get a 30 yr and pay 1/2 more of whatever the house loan payment is. Some people say it isn’t worth it and they are right IF you use credit cards again. If you can live with a cash only basis for 1-2 yrs before you refi, you can live without using CC’s again.

That is the key. That and paying extra on your new loan. Call the same place you have your house loan at now AND make sure they reappraise your house, its worth the few hundreds dollars cost in the long run. I did all of the above
and only owe about 5 more years on my house.!!!! Wont be long now.