Looking for some advice

Does anyone have any information re: these solicitations from credit card companies, i.e., Capital One offering to dismiss interest on debt w/a collection company and build credit with them if you are willing to accept the offer. I get these all the time.

Actually the wording is as such: “If you accept the offer outlined in the enclosed insert, ownership of your account will be transferred to Capital One. Your balance will be transferred to a new Capital One Visa Account. The initial balance will be “$$$” – it will not include the “$$$” in interest and fees that have built up since your account charged off”.

It says you will earn $25 credit limit increase for every $100 of charged-off debt you repay.

How legitimate is this? Or should I ask how reasonable is this? What happens to debt once its charged off? What will my report state once this occurs? Will it say XYZ company is paid in full and show a new opened account with Capital One?

They aren’t my friends, they are my sister’s friends

They aren’t my friends, they are my sister’s friends. They are significantly younger than me and I don’t have roudy friends like that anyway. I went and got an estimate yesterday from a glass place and confronted them about it; it came out to be $250 out the door with labor and I added $50 “stupid tax” for pain and suffering. I thought it would be fair to add that since I was highly irate about it and then I had to take the time out of my busy work schedule to hunt around for the lowest quote. If they have a hard time coming up with it, I will drop the $50. They said it was XXX who threw it. I don’t see this girl often so my sister said that she would tell the girl and her boyfriend and they could split the amount down the middle.

Even if I don’t get the glass fixed, it’s more of the principal that if you break someone else’s property because of your stupidity, then you must pay. You don’t just break someone’s windshield and then carry on your merry way. They didn’t even apologize or acknowledge that they did it. And yes it is illegal here in Virginia too to drive with a broken windshield if it falls on the driver’s side.

If you can get the financing for it

If it was me, and you can get the financing for it, and your current house is in a town or something, you may want to consider renting it out.

I am in the process of purchasing a house, and we plan to live there for about 5 years and then build one. When we get our next house built, we plan to rent this one out. After 15 years, we will own 2 homes and have huge equity. Some of the stuff I’ve been reading on the net says that the best way to make yourself a millionaire is to purchase property and rent them out.

The downside is that you need to have a home in the right location. You need to become a landlord and find the right tenants. You need to be on top of the rent, and you have to do maintenance on two houses. If you are willing to do that, you will eventually have a lot of self worth.

Consider your options and plan it out that way.

Has anyone had an experience in building a new house?

We bought a house 6 months ago, but we regret not building one… so now are plan to sell our current house and build our new one. has anyone done this before? we are unsure how this process goes. since we will need two loans at the same time.. we plan to live in the current house until the new home is finished and ready to live in..

We will need a construction loan, and we have a standard mortgage now. thanks in advance.